Bhaktavatsalam Polytechnic College
(A unit of Bhaktavatsalam Educational Trust)

பக்தவத்சலம் தொழில்நுட்பக் கல்லூரி
(பக்தவத்சலம் கல்வி அறக்கட்டளையின் ஒரு அங்கம்)


Librarian : Thiru E. Senthilnathan M.A,


  1. Resourse centre(library) will be kept open to the staff and students of the polytechnic on all working days from 10.00 A.M to 5.30 P.M.
  2. Personal books and articles should not be taken into the Library. They must be kept near the entrance at the place provided for this purpose.
  3. Strict silence must be observed in the Library.
  4. Each student will be issued a Library card. One book at a time can be borrowed in exchange of this card.
  5. Ordinarily the book can be kept for fifteen days. Students should return the book on or before the due date. Otherwise a fine will be levied.
  6. On receiving the book, if it is not in good condition he must immediately bring to the notice of the Librarian. Otherwise he will be held responsible for damage of the book.
  7. No periodicals, Journals and reference books shall be lent out.
  8. No borrower may write or mark anything in the book or tear of the pages. Borrowers should not sublend the book.
  9. Loss of the Library card should be reported immediately to the Librarian. The student who has lost the card will be given on nominal fee.
  10. If any book or the property of the Library is lost or damaged, students will be required to pay the cost thereoff to enable replacement.